Leveraging Your Core Competencies

Leveraging Your Core Competencies

Building Infrastructure for Success

Building Infrastructure for Success

Breaking Roadblocks and Overachieving

Breaking Roadblocks and Overachieving

I was there - Just like you!

I was there, just like you, alone, facing major decisions.
Being weeks from bankruptcy.
Not knowing if my choices will save or end the company.
Rebuilding the management team.
Raising a major investment.
Dealing with a proposal to be acquired.
All these are rough and tough.

And I did

Took a crushed company,
rebuilding, scaling, improving and ultimately selling it to Honeywell.
Willing to do what was necessary.
Then I was on the investors’ side.
Investing and mentoring CEO and founders to great successes.
Exiting to Microsoft, Google, Optium as well as others.

Now it's my time to give back

When I was there,
I talked to the experienced who walked this path before me.
People that were on my side in the moment.
Some of these mentors were key to my success.
Now, it is my mission, passion and destiny to help others.
Guiding people like yourself on your quest to success!

My services, or "When is it the time to call me?"

When you need to re-strategize.
Before or after a major investment.
When you need to turn around your company.
When you should pivot to new directions.
When you are thinking about selling the company.
When you need your personal board member.

About me


Impactia- Acquired by eWave
Quiksee- Acquired by Google
Happify Health- Private Company
VoiceItt- Private Company
Nextnine- Acquired by Honeywell
CogniFit- Private Company
YaData- Acquired by Microsoft
Kailight Photonics- Acquired by Optium
Vimeo- Private Company
Taboola- Private Company
RAD- Private Company
NSC- Acquired by Audiocodes
KALTURA- Private Company
Gett- Private Company
Youtiligent- Private Company
Much More..
  • Avishai SilvershatzManaging Partner, Infinity Equity

    Nextnine was on the verge of bankruptcy, but Shmulik never gives up.
    Leveraging his creativity and resourcefulness, he reduced the burn rate dramatically, went through two pivots, changed the management team, and sold Nextnine to Honeywell. With his unique experience and personality, he is an excellent mentor and support for CEOs in their path to success.

  • Yoav SebbaManaging Director, XT Hi-Tech

    Shmulik handles many different challenges in parallel and through creativity and leadership
    finds a way to make it a success, leaving a big smile on the face (and in the pockets) of all involved. Shmulik understands situations prior to others and create a new reality having his head in the strategic skies and feet on the pragmatic ground.

  • Gadi RoyzFounder and CEO, Quiksee (Sold to Google)

    Shmulik's strategic mindset, end-to-end set of skills and deep understanding in growth and scale,
    have contributed substantially to our success and resulting sale to Google.
    Shmulik has an amazingly warm personality and charm that is critical in crises.
    Shmulik can bring essential value to any entrepreneur out there in the wild.

  • Danny WeisbergFounder & CEO, VoiceItt

    In good times and bad times, when facing a strategic decision or an important tactic decision, whether its recruiting an important VP role, raising funds, dilemmas with customers, delivery of important and complicated ideas, or go-to-market questions, I found having Shmulik at my side an effective treasure. Will work with him again in a heartbeat.

  • Amichai Bar-NirCEO, Cognifit

    Shmulik understood the hectic environment of uncertainty that we are up against,
    and was there when I needed it, with his positive attitude. His wisdom and creative capabilities helped me a lot during endless tough moments. I always found myself with new perspectives, to reach the best decisions. As a professional CEO, I highly recommend using his services.